On the third episode of Supply Chain Next we speak with Dave Anderson, someone we have no trouble describing as a logistics visionary.

Throughout his career, Dave has been on the leading edge of logistics and supply chain forecasting and strategy. He has always championed the use of technology as a way to help solve issues and find efficiencies.

Dave’s career started in the 1970s with putting his PhD in Econometrics to work predicting freight volumes across shipping modes. He got into logistics consulting just as the deregulation period hit in the early 1990s, and was instrumental in developing supply chain strategies for leading global companies until he ‘retired’ from consulting in the early 2000s and went into the venture capital world.

Today, Dave and business partner Dan Dershem lead Supply Chain Ventures LLC, an early and late-stage venture capital investment fund specializing in AI enabled supply chain software and hardware. As Dave puts it, “We’re still having a hell of a lot of fun meeting young people with great ideas! We are definitely still into changing the world!”

Join host Richard Donaldson to find out more perspective and insights from Dave.