Dr. John Gattornais one of the foremost thinkers in supply chain today. He’s an author, consultant, highly sought after speaker, and academic. He also leads Gattorna Alignment, a consulting firm with over 100 successful business transformations to its credit.

Books by John GattornaFor more than 30 years, Gattorna and his colleagues have been refining the concept of “dynamic alignment”, which theorizes that 80% of customer buying patterns fall into one of five dominant categories. If an enterprise can create adaptive supply chains tailored to these patterns, they will serve their customers better and improve revenue. A big part of dynamic alignment is that it’s essential for subcultures within the business to be reshaped to drive these supply chains and deliver what customers need.

You can explore the full scope of this strategy in Dr. Gattorna’s book Dynamic Supply Chains and in his latest book, Transforming Supply Chains. For a quick introduction you can review this article he wrote for DHL Logistics.

In this episode of Supply Chain Next, Gattorna talks with host Richard Donaldson about his ideas and how they’ve impacted businesses around the world.