Bram Desmet specializes in advanced analytics, supply chain models, and strategy. His gift for numbers, figures, and statistics led him to study mathematics at university. On a quest to put his fascination to use, he decided to combine his mathematics—and later his MBA education—to pursue inventory modelling.

With his 20+ years of industry experience Bram founded Solventure Group to help companies align their daily operations with their business goals. He has also written two books: Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics and the soon-to-be-published The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain available in May 2021.

Bram is also a professor at Vlerick Business School and Peking University where he teaches supply chain strategy.

On episode 27 of Supply Chain Next, Bram talks with Richard Donaldson about how to start from the right place: designing your business plan and daily operations around the most critical component—your supply chain.

Listen to the podcast below or watch the video version on YouTube.