The push for an International Supply Chain day has begun! Join Richard Donaldson and his guests in this highly engaging discussion about how this day of awareness could take shape, and how it could help supply chain practitioners, enterprises, and the planet.

Deborah Dull is a circular supply chain expert focused on inventory management. She is a principal of manufacturing product management for GE Digital and founder of the Circular Supply Chain Network. Her mission is to help the enterprises of the world enter circularity in an effort to preserve our environment.

Brian Aoaeh is a venture capitalist who is out to bring much-needed innovation to the world of supply chain. He co-founded REFASHIOND Ventures and The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation with business partner Lisa Morales-Hellebo to help supply chain technology startups bring their innovative ideas to life.

Daniel Stanton, also known as “Mr. Supply Chain” is a consultant and educator. He is the author of Supply Chain Management for Dummies, now considered an industry standard textbook for both new and experienced supply chain professionals.

On episode 31 of Supply Chain Next, Richard Donaldson opens the discussion by asking what an International Supply Chain day could mean for global productivity, our environment, and the younger generation’s career choices.

Listen to the podcast below or watch the video version on YouTube.