Jill Robbins has spent over twenty years in procurement in hands-on and leadership roles. She has built procurement teams from the ground up, and helped procurement and supply chain teams transform their businesses.

She is a certified purchasing manager, a certified professional in supply management, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. She currently provides consulting services via Matchbook for life science procurement and runs her own consultancy, Business Fierce, for suppliers who want to work more effectively with procurement.

On this episode of Supply Chain Next, Jill talks with host Richard Donalson about her experience in improving procurement and supply chain. She has a number of insights to offer about successful digital transformation, including that it has an important prerequisite: intentional process architecture.

Jill also provides her advice for procurement professionals. “There’s no better seat in the house than sitting in a procurement or supply chain role,” she says. “You have eyes across the business, especially on the indirect side, that even finance doesn’t have.”

Listen to the full podcast below or watch the video version on YouTube.