Bill Shevlin has spent his career at the forefront of energy efficiency and clean energy technology. Today he is the CEO of Mavericks Microgrids, a company that creates carbon neutral and carbon negative microgrids for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

On episode 38 of Supply Chain Next, Bill talks with host Richard Donaldson about the energy supply chain, the challenges it faces today, and how organizations can decarbonize their energy usage.

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As Professor of Practice at the University of Houston College of Technology’s innovation program, Dave Crawley leads students through a transformational journey that unlocks innovation thinking skills.

His unconventional but driven early years gave him a unique perspective on innovation, and has led to an incredibly successful career in marketing. He has built markets, created brands, supported sales and pioneered technology introductions.

A published analyst, Dave has delivered insights on brand creation and management, corporate intelligence, marketing, new product development and reputational risk. He has generated profitable ROI in a number of industries including consumer packaged goods, technology, engineering, energy (upstream to downstream) and health care. He is a Certified Innovation Engineer (CIE).

On episode 39 of Supply Chain Next, Dave talks with host Richard Donaldson about his path, the coming workforce crisis, and the disciplines of innovative thinking.

To enjoy the full conversation, listen to the podcast below or watch the video version on YouTube.