Kyle Ritchie is the sustainable design lead at CannonDesign, a multi-disciplinary firm that creates better built environments. He is an adjunct professor at Boston Architectural College, and founder of the Circular Economy Studio, and he partnered with Eric Corey Freed to write “Circular Economy for Dummies”.

On episode 40 of Supply Chain Next, Kyle Ritchie talks with host Richard Donaldson about:

  • The circular economy is taking up where sustainability left off.
  • Businesses and government agencies will need to get on board to incentivize better circularity.
  • Recycling needs to be a last resort, not a go-to.
  • Circularity can and should be profitable for businesses.
  • Products as a service can help consumers and the environment.
  • How supply chain disruptions are a blessing in disguise.

You can listen to the podcast below or watch the video version on YouTube.