Jason AzevedoCSO at MRCA

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Fostering a lifelong commitment to growth and excellence in his personal and professional endeavors, at fifteen years old JASON AZEVEDO began his first manufacturing company with $600. As a nationally-ranked wrestler during the start of his entrepreneurial journey, Jason used his spare time to study business and hand-built most of the early robotic manufacturing machinery used by his business. Resourceful, capable and self-taught, to this day Jason still uses these early skills to help his employees build, maintain, and repair virtually any piece of equipment used in production.

Even while rapidly scaling his companies, Jason never lost sight of the things that were important to himself, his family, the people he employs and the world at large. At nineteen he’d founded one of the first large Breast Cancer charities, “Goals for a Cure,” a nationwide, top ten ranked non-profit soccer tournament that attracts teams from countries across the globe. Throughout his career, Jason has worked on the boards of several prominent causes including a nationally-recognized non-profit group focused on upward growth with cash reserves in the millions, and helped successfully pull one of the top five Christmas events in the country out of bankruptcy.

Jason has lead over 2000 employees and runs multiple companies offering clients a wide range of industrial manufacturing services including metalworks, plastics, electronics, and packaging options. Winner of multiple international product awards and no stranger to philanthropy, Jason works closely with chemical companies in developing safer, more environmentally-friendly industrial processes.

With 200+ million in career revenue, Jason and his teams have moved or rearranged the majority of his production facilities from China to the USA in a profitable manner, and he is working to acquire and build additional manufacturing companies throughout the United States. Having founded and scaled dozens of large companies, Jason is committed to transferring 100% of the ownership of these new acquisitions to the employees of those businesses in due time.

MRCA is a venture capital firm who’s aim is to revitalize American companies through increased employee wellness, enhancements in process, machinery, energy, and communication.