Scott Downes, CTO @ Invisible Technologies Inc.

Scott is relentlessly curious and resists being defined too narrowly. He’s a technologist and a businessman, a programmer and a designer, a musician and a writer, a father and a coach. Scott is a veteran CTO who has built and led engineering, product, design, and marketing teams at multiple growth stage startups. He’s also served as a coach and advisor with a particular focus on the challenges faced by leaders in startups. What unites all of the threads of his life is a passion for creating beautiful things, be they songs or apps or stories or teams.


About Invisible Technologies (LinkedIn)

Invisible is an outsourcing and automation alternative that provides custom operations support to scaling SMBs at a revolutionary price point. The company was founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco, California. They manage processes by distributing work between talented global workforce and automation tools using three integrated platforms and can operate a digital assembly line that can perform multiple time-consuming processes at once, enabling clients to focus on creative work that only they can do.