In this riveting episode, Richard Donaldson exploring Aqua Metals with Steve Cotton & David Regan. They discuss their switch from telecom, Aqua Metals’ rise from an Oakland auto shop to a lithium battery recycling leader, and the significance of the circular movement. As they ponder off-planet metal extraction, the episode wraps with an invitation to engineers to join their revolution. Steve, Aqua Metals’ CEO, and David, VP of Commercial, lead with vision and expertise. Dive into their tales on this podcast.

The duo embarks on a journey, retracing their professional origin stories, with Steve’s transition from telecom to the realm of batteries and David’s evolution from telecom sales to product management.

The conversation then shifts to the revolutionary story of Aqua Metals, from its humble beginnings in an auto shop in Oakland to its pioneering approach to lithium battery recycling.

As the narrative unfolds, the trio delves into the significance of the circular movement, the media’s perception of recycling, and the future of mining. David, with his technological acumen, emphasizes the importance of transparency in branding, while Steve sheds light on the company’s strategic vision.

As the episode nears its end, the discussion takes a futuristic turn, exploring the potential of off-planet metal extraction and the company’s ambitious plans for the next six months.

The episode concludes with a call to potential engineers, beckoning them to join the Aqua Metals revolution. ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ”‹๐ŸŒŒ


Steve Cotton, the masterful President and CEO of Aqua Metals, Inc., is a beacon of innovation. With a vision as vast as the horizon, Steve has navigated the tumultuous waters of the supply chain, leading his crew with unwavering determination. His LinkedIn profile, a treasure map of his illustrious journey, reveals the secrets of his success. Steve’s LinkedIn

Sailing alongside him is David Regan, the esteemed Vice President of Commercial at Aqua Metals, Inc. With a compass always pointing towards progress, David’s expertise in commercial strategies has been instrumental in charting new territories for the company. His LinkedIn anchor, etched with tales of his adventures, stands as a testament to his prowess. David’s LinkedIn

Together, they are set to embark on a new voyage on the “Supply Chain Next Podcast”. Prepare to be enthralled by their tales of triumphs, challenges, and the future of the supply chain. ๐Ÿšข๐ŸŒŸ