EP 004 – Geoffrey Parker – The Economics of Networked Markets

In 2016, Geoffrey Parker and co-authors Marshall Van Alstyne and Sangeet Paul Choudary published Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets are Transforming the Economy and How to Make them Work for You. An international bestseller, the book has gone on to become required reading in Silicon Valley and the business world at large. Parker has always been interested in the intersections of technology, business, society, and economics. In the late 1990s he became interested in emerging networked platforms like eBay and Amazon, and was writing papers on them (with colleagues Marshall Van Alstyne and Thomas Eisenmann) at least five to six…Listen Now

EP 001 – Bill Marrin – Introducing Our New Podcast

Since the 1980s Bill Marrin has been one of supply chain and business transformation’s most important thinkers. We’re deeply honoured to be able to feature someone of his calibre in our first podcast. In this episode, Richard and Bill do a deep dive into the topic of why supply chain is on the cusp of profound change.Listen Now

The Supply Chain Next Team

From Ancient Lore to Supply Chain Scores: The Dynamic Duo Tackling Tomorrow's Tech Today

RIchard Donaldson

Host & Supply Chain Badass
Richard Donaldson is the insightful and engaging host of the Supply Chain Next Podcast. With a keen focus on the digitization of enterprise supply chains, Richard guides listeners through the tectonic shifts occurring as supply chain organizations embrace technology to optimize operations, create efficiencies, drive lower costs, and improve margins. His investigative approach seeks to understand the real implications of these changes, not only for organizations and their leaders, but also for the future of supply chain professionals. Richard believes we are on the cusp of one of the largest economic upheavals since the advent of the internet itself, and he is dedicated to helping supply chain organizations seize this opportunity for transformative change. Apart from his work on the Supply Chain Next Podcast, Richard is a published author, with contributions to various platforms such as Digital Commerce 360, The Herald Port Elizabeth, Flying Magazine, and Transmission & Distribution World Magazine. Notably, he has penned several articles for Flying Magazine, reflecting his personal journey and passion for aviation. His articles cover a range of topics, from becoming a newly rated commercial single-engine pilot to the importance of obtaining an instrument rating. Through his writing, Richard shares his experiences and insights, further demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. In all his endeavors, Richard brings a unique perspective, merging his passion for supply chains, technology, and aviation to provide thought-provoking content that challenges traditional thinking and encourages innovative solutions. As we navigate the next decade of supply chain evolution, Richard Donaldson will undoubtedly continue to be a key voice in the conversation.

Chris George Zuger

Executive Producer
Chris George Zuger is a distinguished figure with a multifaceted career and a fervor for delving into captivating subjects. A veteran, award-winning Creative Director, Copywriter, and Public Speaker by profession, Zuger's fascination with impactful and engaging dialogue has been a constant throughout his 25 career. Zuger's venture into the podcast realm was ignited by his longstanding listenership of illustrious shows such as Grimerica, Where Did The Road Go?, Coast to Coast, and the Joe Rogan Experience. These platforms stirred his curiosity and ultimately inspired him to inaugurate his own show, The Den of Lore. As the founder of The Den of Lore, Zuger propelled the show to become one of the leading platforms for discussions on ancient lore, UFOs, and ancient mysteries. Through a combination of captivating content and innovative use of live streaming video technology, the podcast broke new ground in the podcasting world. The Den of Lore became renowned for its exploratory discussions with various guests on topics ranging from exoplanets and galaxy formation to pyramid hoaxes and vortex mathematics. Zuger's show also made significant contributions to the community by supporting the John Anthony West Project fundraiser. This initiative helped raise funds for cancer research for John Anthony West, an Emmy award-winning Egyptologist who was a hero to Zuger. The Den of Lore hosted several streamathon symposiums, uniting many notable personalities to help raise funds and support for the cause. Beyond his accomplishments in podcasting, Zuger serves as the Executive Producer of the Supply Chain Next Podcast, where he brings his unique blend of communication expertise, passion for knowledge, and podcasting experience to bear, fostering enlightening and informative discussions about the dynamic world of supply chains. In his personal life, Zuger is a 32nd Degree Freemason with a deep-seated interest in ancient knowledge and symbolism. He enjoys long beach walks and occasionally savors a glass of single malt Scotch, embodying his appreciation for quality in all facets of life.

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